Phil Rosenthal and Family


Creator, writer, producer, host, and author Phil Rosenthal returns to Austin for another delicious discussion about the latest season of his hit Netflix series Somebody Feed Phil, his new book Just Try It!, and his podcast “Naked Lunch”… with a few special guests! Rosenthal will be joined by his daughter, Lily Rosenthal (co-author of Just Try It!), his brother Richard Rosenthal (executive producer and occasional-guest-star, Somebody Feed Phil), and his son Ben Rosenthal (Actor, Creator: Zaza’s Cookies) to discuss the family’s shared love of food, travel, and comedy, and why they just can’t help but work together.


Phil Rosenthal
Creator / Writer / Producer / Host / Author

Richard Rosenthal
Executive Producer, Somebody Feed Phil

Lily Rosenthal
Author, Just Try It!

Ben Rosenthal
Actor, Creator: Zaza’s Cookies

Alan Sepinwall
(Rolling Stone)